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Who we are

We are a fine art printing company that is owned and run by tattoo artists. This isn't a side part of a big printing company. I started this to take something back from the BIG business printing companies and give you a higher quality product that someone knows about and cares what your final print looks Like.

We only specialize and print high quality archival giclee prints on the finest canvas, and watercolor papers.

We can also scan your images and send you an 8x10 proof and color corrected file for 60.00 dollars for paintings that are 18x24 or under.

We will match the colors as close as we can to your original.

We are now offering a smooth 255 gsm non archival paper for flash sheets and oversized flash posters.

Paper Type

Textured: This is the good stuff. High quality archival paper that is equivalent to 90lb watercolor paper. If you are an artist wanting the best quality prints this would be the paper to choose.

Smooth: Lighter weight paper than the textured paper. This would be a good paper to use if you are printing something like a flash sheet.

Sending a digital print ready file?

Send us the dimensions for the quote and let us know that you want to send a file and we will send you a link to upload your artwork. Make sure your artwork is the size you would like it printed and is 300 dpi and in RGB color format. If there is any additional work you would like done to the print let us know in the quote email so we can tell you how much everything will be excluding the shipping.

Would like us to scan and color match your artwork?

Please send you artwork either via UPS or FEDEX
(us having your original artwork for reference to color match with our printer is the best way for us to get your prints as close to the original as possible)

After we scan and color match your work would you like an 8x10 proof sent to you?

(if you opt to have a proof sent to you this will add another week on the the printing process due to travel time)

Here is a run down of the process.

1. You send us the information on what you would like to have printed.
2. We email a quote to you and address any additional questions
3. You either send us a digital file of your art or mail us the original to scan and color match
4. When we receive the art work we will start preparing the art for printing as well as send you an invoice. If you are getting a proof sent to you we will also print a proof and send it to you.
5. Once the invoice is paid this will get your prints in the line up to be printed and hand cut.
6. We carefully pack up your prints and original and mail them to you.

*The entire process on average takes between two to three weeks depending on whether or not you are getting a proof sent to you.

Submit the form below with the dimensions and quantity of the prints you would like done for a quote. There is a 2 week turnaround time at most after we receive your artwork.

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