New Print from Nick Stegall

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New Prints

We have some new prints up from artist Mike Dorsey.  The images are amazing, and we hope to have some more larger prints from him in the near future.  Click the store link to check them out.

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Printing Quality

So we have been seeing a lot of printing companies popping up in the tattoo community, and just wanted to let artists know what they are getting when using us.  We aren’t a large printing company that is printing everything you would need.  Rebel Reprints is a specialty company that only prints and specializes in fine art reproduction using the highest grade archival materials.  These are photos of the paper we use to show you the texture, and a brief description of the paper we use.

From the Hahnemuhle Digital Fine Art range of papers, William Turner is a 190gsm natural white, genuine mould-made watercolour paper that has a 100% rag content making it highly archival.

This genuine mould-made paper, with a matt watercolour texture, is naturally age resistant and complies with the highest lifespan requirements.  The material and the matt watercolour structure of the natural white paper correspond exactly to what artists have come to expect from Hahnemuhle’s art paper with regard to appearance and feel.

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