We now offer digital die cut sticker printing

We are now printing everyones favorite form of merch, STICKERS!  These are printed with a solvent based CMYK machine then laminated to get you up to 5 yrs fade, scratch, and weather resistant durability.  You can email us for a quote on them.  Just let us know the size of the sticker and we will send you the prices in all the different quantities we offer



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New flash set by Jason June

We have an exclusive new flash set by Jason June that you can only get through rebel reprints or Jason in person.  This set is printed on 100% cotton Hahnemühle fine art textured paper.  So they are exact replicas of the original paintings.  You can purchase them here.

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Tattoo Flash Sticker Sheets

Sticker Flash!  Our best idea yet.  We have combined 2 of our favorite things from tattooing and printing.  These are normal size flash sheets(11×14) where each design peels off as a sticker.  You can keep it as a full sheet or have a bunch of awesome tattoo inspired designs as stickers to put anywhere.  The stickers are laminated, scratch and weather proof for up to 5 years.

Check them out here!

Keep checking back for new Sticker Flash sheets from new artists

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